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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Papaya Seeds Podi

Papaya seeds of one big papaya
(wash it thoroughly & dry it in sun for at least 1 day)
Salt to taste
Amchur powder-1/4tsp
Urad & Channa dhal-each-1tsp
Black sesame seeds-1tsp
Red chillies-2
Jeera-1/2 tsp
Dessicated coconut-2tsp
Crushed garlic-1 big
Heat 1/2 tsp of oil & fry the papaya seeds till light brown in colour(do not over fry).Keep it aside,heat 1/2 tsp of oil & fry all above ingredients till light brown.Cool everything completely & grind it to a semi fine powder.Store it in a dry jar.Best served with hot rice.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quinoa Pesarattu

Quinoa-1 cup
(washed & soaked for 1 hour)
Whole green moongh dhal-1/2 cup
(soaked for 4 hours)
Ginger -a small piece
Salt to taste
Green chillies-2 or 3
Chopped onion little for filling
Oil-to cook pesarattu
Grind all above ingredients to a smooth batter(no need to ferment).Heat a tawa,pour a ladle of batter.Spread it a bit thin, pour little oil around & cook it both sides till light brown.Before removing sprinkle some chopped onions fold the pesarattu & serve it hot with any chutney.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watermelon Skin Biriyani

Ingredients ground to a smooth paste
Handful of mint & coriander leaves
Cinnamon-a small piece
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Green chillies-2
Ginger & Garlic paste-1 tsp
Jeera & Shajeera,Kadal pasi-each-1/4tsp
Bay leaf-1
Other ingredients
Basmati rice-2 cups
Water-3 & 1/2 cups
Curd-1/4 cup
Chopped watermelon skin-2 cups
(only the white part)
Frozen peas(optional)- handful
Red chilly powder-1/4tsp
Salt to taste
Green chillies-2
Chopped tomato-1/2
Chopped onion-1/2
Heat oil & ghee in a pressure cooker,temper it.Fry onion,tomato & green chillies till light brown.Add the ground masala & fry till oil separates the pan.Add all the dry powders,curd,vegetables & fry a bit.Add the rice & water pressure cook it till done.Before serving squeeze little lime juice,mix & serve it with raita.
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