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About Me

About Me :
I am Sailaja Damodaran , a happy and spirited homemaker ,a wife and mother to 2 beautiful children - one in college and other in high school.
Its the only thing I've ever wanted to be. I feel lucky to be a housewife,a stay-at-home mom and do what I love every day,that is cooking,organizing,decorating and gardening.Originally I am from India but made beautiful Arizona my home from past 16 years.
Like every other Indian I am an avid 'foodie', who loves good,clean,healthy food. I started experimenting in kitchen when I was merely 7 years old,thats right at the age of 7, I would play kitchen in the real sense and my dad would tirelessly try every mush I made with a smile and encouragement. He would also luxuriate in the expensive spices without a little hesitation.Thats how my journey of cooking started and I even got a degree on hotel management and catering technology to learn the finer skills and art about Cooking. After Marriage, my husband became the biggest critic and enthusiast of my food. I have been cooking fresh gourmet meals each day,everyday from past 25 years. This not only has helped me sharpen my skills but also made me a clean eater.All recipes are made in my style.You can alter according to your taste buds.We grow fresh organic vegetables in our garden, I believe in garden to table concept and implementing it in our life everyday.  Both gardening and cooking is meditation for my soul,helps me rejuvenate and let go of any negativity .
I started to blog in 2009 as I wanted to share whatever wisdom I have gathered over the years and the proceedings from my blog goes to my favorite charity - ( Sankara Eye Foundation -Website  

How much do I earn?
I find it very impolite to ask about someone's paycheck or being asked. No offense anyone.

When are you going to call me home to taste?
Oh,C'mon guys, that's what the blog is for. So that you can get inspired and cook the meals at the comfort of your own home and please oh please dont forget to leave me a comment or may be a pic.That brightens my day and gives me reason to carry on blogging. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and you have fabulously blessed day . Cheers to life :) :)



  1. It's been a while i came here Sailaja....Love the look of your website...awesome to say.....

  2. HI Sailaja. Great job. keep going, all the best.

  3. very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards, upma recipe

  4. Hi Sailaja,

    Jayashree here - your recipes are superb and mouthwatering

  5. Nice recipes.Keep going.Hats off you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MD, love this new look!👍 keep the recipes rolling..yummy!😊

  7. Hi Sailaja, you're recipes are superb.
    Since you're from Tempe, AZ, I have question regarding ASU. My son will be attending ASU this fall, any suggestions regarding the Barrett Honors program, ASU housing...
    You're reply will be really helpful. Thanks.

  8. good wishes.


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