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Monday, November 5, 2012

Badam/Almond Burfi In Microwave

Badam/Almonds-1/2 cup
(soak it in hot water for 30 minutes,then remove the skin)
Milk-3/4 cup
Sugar-1 cup
(add 1 or 2 tsp of ghee to your burfi, if you think its getting dry)
Grind badam with milk to a smooth paste.Pour this in a microwave safe bowl,add the sugar &saffron.Cook this mixture in microwave for total 13 minutes.For every 2 minutes remove,mix & keep it again.After 10 minutes,(for remaining 3 minutes)remove the bowl add 1tsp of ghee mix & cook again & remove it for every 1 minute & mix (3 times).The mixture will look like a soft dough.Grease a plate spread this evenly,cut it while still warm....

Note: Each microwave power is different,the time of cooking may vary.


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