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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Homemade Aloe Vera Oil / Prepare Aloe Vera Oil At Home / Sothu Kathalai Yennai

images of Homemade Aloe Vera Oil / Prepare Aloe Vera Oil At Home / Sothu Kathalai Yennai
Aloe Vera Oil
Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf - 3 ( I got 1 cup of smooth gel )
( Wash the leaf wipe it with a clean cloth.Slit the leaf into half,gently scoop out the gel from the leaf.
Discard the peel,mash the flesh with a spoon or blend it in a mixi to get a smooth gel.
Measure the gel & take the same quantity of coconut oil )
Coconut oil - 1 cup
Take a heavy pan add the gel and boil in medium low flame for 3 minutes.
Now add the coconut oil & boil till all the water has completely evaporated from the mixture.
This may take around 10 minutes,frequently keep mixing to make sure the gel doesn't burn.
The best way to know if your oil is ready is when the popping sound has stopped from the oil & the colour has changed to light honey colour.
Switch off the stove,cool the oil & filter it into a clean glass jar.

This oil has lots of healing properties,used in different forms for personal use,like for body massage,removes stretch marks,controls hair fall,etc

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