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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aapam (Kerala Style) / Kerala Style Appam / Appam With Yeast

images of Aapam (Kerala Style) / Kerala Style Appam / Appam With Yeast
Kerala Style Appam
Long grain rice -2 cups
Rice flakes/Aval/Poha-1/2 cup
Methi seeds-1/2tsp
Cooked rice-1/4 cup
Coconut milk-1 cup
Salt to taste
Dry yeast-1tsp
Luke warm water-1/4 cup
Soak rice,poha,cooked rice,methi seeds in water for 3 hrs. Now grind it with coconut milk & water to a smooth semi thick batter.Soak yeast & sugar in luke warm water.Pour it in the batter & mix,let it ferment for couple of hours. Before making Aapam mix in the salt. Heat a non-stick or iron pan which is shallow. Take a ladle of the batter and pour the batter gently into the pan. Gently swirl the pan around so that a thin layer of batter covers the sides and thick layer collects at the bottom. Cover and cook for 1 minute till the edges become golden crisp and center is soft. It is only required to cook on one side of the appam.remove & serve it with any spicy gravy you wish.


Appam  Recipe HERE

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  1. super like,will try

  2. Ferment only for couple of hours??!! I thought it had to be fermented overnight!


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