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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Idiyappam Recipe / Nool Puttu Recipe / Noolappam Recipe / String Hopper Recipe /How To Make Idiyappam At Home

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Ingredients for the Idiyappam Flour
Ponni Raw Rice - 3 cups
Water to soak the rice
Wash and soak the raw rice in water for 4 to 5 hours.
Drain out the water completely and spread it on a cloth.
Leave it for 30 minutes.Take a mixi jar and grind the rice in batches to a fine powder.
Sieve the flour using a fine sieve,keep the unground rice particle separately in a plate.
Repeat this process till all the rice is ground to a fine powder.
Lastly grind the coarse rice particle and sieve it.Your smooth rice flour is ready.
Take a wide heavy pan or kadai in low flame dry roast the flour in batches till its dry and make sure you don't burn the rice.
To check if the flour is ready take some flour cool it and try to draw a straight line.If the flour is flowing smoothly then your flour is dry and perfect to store.
Cool the rice flour completely & store it in an air tight clean jar.
How to make Idiyappam at home
Take 1 cup of above flour in a bowl add salt and oil.
Heat water in a pan bring to a rolling boil.Switch off the stove.
Pour the hot water into the flour & using a wooden ladle mix it well to form a soft dough.
Cover it with a tight lid & leave it for 10 minutes.
Fill the dough into the idiappam maker and press it on a greased plate.
Steam these till cooked.Best served with flavoured coconut milk or any spicy gravy.

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