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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Carrot Raita / Carrot Thayir Pachadi / Gajar Ka Raita

Carrot Raita recipe / Carrot Thayir Pachadi recipe / Gajar Ka Raita
Carrot Raita
Grated carrot-1
Salt to taste
Curd-1 & 1/2 cups
Chopped coriander leaves-1tsp
Mustard & urad dhal together-1/2tsp
Hing-a pinch
Chopped green chillies-1
Heat oil in a pan & temper it with above ingredients.
Switch off the stove & add the grated carrots in the tempering & mix it well.
Cool the mixture completely,add the curd,salt & coriander leaves.
Mix & serve cold with paratha or rice.

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