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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jell-O Ambrosia Recipe - Easy Dessert Recipe

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Jello O Ambrosia
Jell-O - Lemon Flavour Gelatin - (3 oz ) One packet
Jell -O - Orange Flavour Gelatin - (3 oz ) Two packets
Canned crushed pineapple - ( 20 oz ) One can
Canned Mandarin oranges - ( 15 oz) Two cans
Cool whip/whipping cream - ( 8 oz) One Tub
Mini marshmallow - 2 cups
Cherries for decoration
Follow the instructions for making the Jello from the back of the Jello-O pack.
Mix both the flavours into a large bowl.
Drain the syrup from both the fruit cans.Mix the crushed pineapple & the Mandarin oranges into Jello liquid.
Pour this into a long glass tray & keep it in refrigerator to set.It will take about 4 to 5 hours.
Mix the cool whip with the mini marshmallows.
Spread this on top of the set Jello -O fruit tray.Refrigerate again for another 30 minutes.
Decorate with cherries,cut & serve them cold.
a) For garnishing you can also use finely grated cheese.
b) You can also mix sour cream/cream cheese to the cool whip topping.
c) Toasted coconut can also be added to the cool whip to give a crunch.Make sure the coconuts are cool while adding.

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