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Monday, March 26, 2018

Vegetable Manchurian / Chinese Vegetable Manchurian / Veg Manchurian Recipe / Dry Vegetable Manchurian

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Vegetable Manchurian
Ingredients for the balls/dumplings
Finely chopped vegetables-3 cups
(I used peas,carrot,sweet peppers,cabbage,spring onions)
Corn flour-8tsp
Salt & pepper to taste
Red chilly paste-1tsp
Soy sauce-1tsp
Ginger & garlic paste-1 & 1/2tsp
(mix all above ingredients together,make small balls & deep fry them till light golden colour on all sides.But today i have fried these in kuzhi paniyaram pan with very little oil)
For the sauce
Chopped onions-2tsp
Ginger & garlic finely chopped-1tsp
Chopped spring onions-a handful
Salt to taste
Tomato ketchup-1/2 cup
Red chilly paste-2tsp
Soy sauce-2tsp
Sugar-a pinch(optional)
Corn flour-1/2tsp (dilute it with little water,this is to thicken the sauce & gives a glaze)
Heat oil in a pan fry onion,ginger & garlic till light brown in colour.
Add all the remaining ingredients for the sauce,stir.
Pour the diluted corn flour mixture & give a boil.
Switch off the stove & add the fried Manchurian ball.Mix till all the fried balls are well coated & garnish it with chopped spring onions.
Best served with Chinese fried rice.

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