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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Khandvi Recipe / Kandvi Recipe / Besan Khandvi Recipe /Surali Wadi / Surali Vadi / Suralichi Wadi - A Gujarati Snack

Step by step method/picture to make Khandvi/Surali Wadi a Gujarati Snack.

images of Khandvi Recipe / Kandvi  Recipe / Besan Khandvi Recipe /Surali Wadi / Surali Vadi / Suralichi Wadi  - A Gujarati Snack

Ingredients for batter
Besan/Chick pea flour/Kadalai mavu -1/2 cup
Thick Curd-1/2 cup
Water-1 cup
Salt to taste
Crushed green chilly-1/8tsp
Crushed ginger-1/8tsp
Turmeric powder-a pinch
Ingredients for tempering
Mustard & sesame seeds-together 1/2tsp
Hing- 1/8tsp
Chopped green chillies-1/8tsp
Curry leaves-few
Shredded coconut
Coriander leaves
Before starting to make the Khandi spread a long aluminum foil or keep a stainless steel plate or a thin plastic cutting board ready for spreading the batter on it.
Take a bowl & mix all the ingredients under batter,mix it well to make sure there are no lumps.The batter should be a lump free smooth liquid.
Now cook this mixture on a low flame till it starts to thicken may be for 4 to 5 minutes.
To check if your batter is ready spread a small portion of batter behind a stainless steel plate,wait for a minute & try to roll it out .If the rolls doesn't stick to your finger & easy to roll ,then its ready to spread.
Now switch off the stove & act fast in spreading the mixture evenly & thin on the aluminum foil or plate.Use a flat ladle/knife or a spatula to spread.
When cool cut the khandvi into long strips & roll the strips into a cylinder.Arrange them on a plate.
Heat oil in a pan & temper it,pour this on top of the Khandvi & garnish it with coriander leaves & coconut.Serve it with mint chutney.

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