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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kalakand With Chocolate Layer / Microwave Chocolate Kalakandh / Chocolate Kalakand

images of Kalakand With Chocolate Layer / Microwave Chocolate Kalakandh / Chocolate Kalakand
Chocolate Kalakand
Ingredients for bottom layer
Ricotta cheese - 15 oz can ( 426 gms)
Condensed milk - 14 oz can ( 396 gms)
Chopped nuts - 1 tbsp
( Almonds and Pistachio)
Saffron crushed - a generous pinch
Crushed cardamom -6
Ingredients for top layer
Nestle brand Semi sweet chocolate morsels- 3/4 cup
Butter - 1 tbsp
Milk - 1 tbsp
Grease a pan with little ghee and keep it ready.
Dissolve the saffron in warm milk & keep it aside
Mix the ricotta cheese & condensed milk in a microwave safe bowl,mix it well.Make sure there are no lumps.
Microwave for 10 minutes uncovered.
Mix in intervals between every 2 minutes.
Just 30 seconds before the end add the saffron & crushed cardamom powder.
Mix & microwave again.
You will see that the water has completely evaporated,pour it on the greased tray & spread the top evenly.Let it cool for sometime
Meanwhile take the chocolate morsels,butter and milk in a microwave safe bowl.Microwave for 1 minutes or till the chocolate has melted.
Mix it well now pour it on top of the kalakand and sprinkle the chopped nuts.
Keep it in fridge for 2 hours and cut it with a sharp knife.
a) Each microwave is different so the cooking time can vary.
b) When ready to cut into pieces dip your knife in hot water and then cut for crack free neat pieces.

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