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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Honey Sesame Potatoes / Honey Glazed Potato / Sesame Honey Chilli Potato /Sesame Chilli Honey Potato Recipe

A quick & easy starter.....

Honey Sesame Potatoes recipe,Honey Glazed Potato recipe,Sesame Honey Chilli Potato recipe,Sesame Chilli Honey Potato Recipe

Boiled potatoes-3
(Peel them cut into big cubes & deep fry them till light golden brown,keep it aside)
Chilly flakes-1tsp
Chopped garlic-2
Tomato ketchup-3tbsp
Slightly toasted/dry roasted sesame seeds-1tbsp
Salt to taste
Heat oil in a pan saute red chilly flakes & garlic till light brown.Mix ketchup,salt,honey & vinegar in a bowl.Pour this mixture into the potatoes,toss it well.Switch off the stove,sprinkle the sesame seeds on top mix & serve it hot as a starter or with fried rice.
a) If you don't want to deep fry bake the potato in oven.But i love them deep fried.

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