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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Italian Bread Soup Recipe / Bread Soup Recipe

Italian Bread Soup Recipe / Bread Soup Recipe

Pasta sauce-4tbsp
Salt & pepper to taste
Fresh basil leaf-2 chopped(optional)
Chopped onion-1tbsp
Chopped garlic-3
Olive oil-2tsp
Bread crust(side portion of a bread slice)- 4 slices
Water-2-3 cups
Heat oil in a pan saute garlic & onion till transparent.Add the bread crust & saute for a minute.Now add the pasta saute & saute for 2 minutes.Switch off the stove,cool & blend it to a smooth liquid.Transfer it to a pan,pour water & dilute the blended soup,add salt & pepper.give a boil,switch off the stove & add the fresh basil leaf & serve it hot.

Note:If you want a creamy soup add some table cream after switching off the stove.If serving for kids then sprinkle some Parmesan cheese for extra taste.

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