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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keerai Vadai / Palak Vada /Spinach Vada/Keerai Vada

Keerai Vadai recipe,Palak Vada recipe,Spinach Vada recipe

Ingredients soaked for 1 hour
Channa dhal-1/2 cup
Urad dhal-1/2 cup
Red chillies-2
(Drain the water from the soaked dhal,grind it to a coarse thick batter)
Other ingredients
Split urad dhal-a fistful
(i used with skin,soak it for 1 hour, drain water & add it to the ground batter)
Salt to taste
Chopped spinach-1 cup
Chopped green chillies-2
Curry leaves-6
Oil-to deep fry
Drain the water from the soaked dhal,grind it to a coarse thick batter.Add very little water if needed while grinding.Put this batter in a bowl,add all above ingredients to the batter.
Mix it well,wet your palm with water,take small balls flatten it to thin disc,put a hole in the middle.
Gently slide into medium hot oil,deep fry till crisp & brown on all sides.
Remove it on a kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.
Serve it with any chutney you like.

a) Pick any variety keerai/greens to make this recipe.
b) If your batter goes watery add 1 or 2 tsp.of  rice flour mix & make vada.Rice flour absorbs extra water from the batter.
c) Fry the vadas in medium high heat,otherwise your vada will start drinking oil.
d) Fennel seeds/Somph can be added instead of cumin seeds.

Courtesy Shanthi.

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  1. very very delicious and crispy vadai :) looks yummy !!


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