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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mysore Pak /Ghee Mysore Pak (Krishna Sweets Style) / Soft Mysore Pak Recipe-How to make Mysore Pak

Step by step method /picture for making Mysore Pak. A perfect Deepawali / Diwali recipe.

Mysore Pak /Ghee Mysore Pak (Krishna Sweets Style) / Mysore Pak Sweet Recipe-How to make Mysore Pak

Besan/Kadalai mavu-1 cup
Sugar-2 cups
Water-1 cup
Ghee-2 & 3/4 cups
Heat one cup of ghee in a non stick pan,add the besan & fry it till raw smell disappears & changes its colour to light brown( make sure you don't burn it).Switch off the gas & keep it aside.
In another pan add sugar & water, give a boil till sugar has completely dissolved,switch off the gas.
Pour the sugar mixture into the fried besan mixture.Stir it well & now switch on the stove.
In medium flame keep stirring,at one stage you will feel that the mixture is getting thicker.
Now reduce the flame & pour the remaining ghee in intervals & keep stirring.
The last stage is, the mixture will start leaving the sides of the pan & the bubbles would have completely stopped(you can see very tiny pores in the mixture).
Put a small amount of the mixture in the greased plate & see it forms to a small ball then that's the time to pour it on a tray.
Immediately pour it on a greased tray,while still warm cut into desired shapes.

Try to use a non stick pan because its less mess & easy to know the stage for removing the mixture.
This is a sweet which really requires patience & more focus.Otherwise your sweet will form into rocks or crumble down in a minute if you miss the stage....This also requires some practice,so new comers pl. try with small quantity 1st.

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  1. Woww... mouth watering here.. perfect and inviting mysore pak.. thanks for sharing :)
    Indian Cuisine

  2. perfect and inviting
    do visit my site

  3. my all time fav..Looks perfect..

  4. Feel like having some,prefect looking mysorepak..

  5. Mouthwatering Mysore Pak.......wish I could grab a couple of pieces.

  6. Colourful Mysore pak luks perfect.

  7. Id love to have a piece right now, looks great!!

  8. Tried your recipe, came out well and has a good taste. But have a doubt.. It holds it's shape after I cut it , but when I was cutting into cubes it was cracking .. May be I cooled it a bit longer and cut it ?


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