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Friday, June 28, 2019

Microgreens Salad / Homegrown Microgreens Salad Recipe - Healthy salad Recipe

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Mirogreens Salad
Home grown microgreens - a handful
Carrot - 1 medium size cut into thin strips
Chopped green apple - 1 small
Chopped black olives - 10
Cherry tomato - 10
Chopped kale leaves - 4
Chopped pecan - 1 tbsp
( use any nuts of your choice)
Chopped jalapenos - 3
( i used the tin jalapenos)
Red apple - 1 small
Chopped fresh mozzarella cheese - 1/4 cup
Dark cherry balsamic vinaigrette - 1 tbsp
Honey- 1 tsp
Olive oil - 1 tbsp
Salt & pepper to taste

Take a bowl add all the above mentioned ingredients and toss them gently.
Serve this healthy salad immediately!

How to grow microgreens?
Take a glass/ceramic or mud pot ( no plastic container please) fill it up with some potting soil.
Sprinkle moongh dal ( use any bean you like) evenly on top of the soil,cover it with a thin layer of soil.Hard beans need to be soaked in water overnight and then sowed in soil.I usually keep these pots on my kitchen window where there is some sunlight.
Sprinkle/spray water everyday till the micro greens are grown till 2 inches-depending upon the variety you use.Cut about halfway above the stem discard the roots.Wash with filtered water and use.
Add them to your salads,toast or for garnishing your dish.

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