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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Raw Banana Chips / Kerala Nendran Vazhakkai Chips / Plantain Chips / Nendran Banana Chips

photo of Raw Banana Chips / Nendran Vazhakkai Chips
Raw banana / Plantain/Nendran Vazhakkai -3
(remove the skin,do not discard you can use it to make poriyal)
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder-1tsp
Coconut oil & Vegetable oil-each 1 cup
Cut the top & bottom portion of the raw banana.Make a long slit & peel off the skin.Wash & wipe it up well.Using a slicer slice it into very thin circles.Sprinkle the salt,water & turmeric powder to the slices,mix it evenly.Mean while heat the oil in a kadai/pan.Fry these in batches in medium flame till sizzling sound stops & its light brown on all sides.Remove it on a kitchen paper for excess oil to get absorbed.Cool completely & store it in an air tight container.

Note: Instead of adding the salt,water & turmeric to the slices,you can mix it in a bowl & keep.While frying the chips in batches add a tsp of the salt,water & turmeric liquid into the oil when its 3/4th done.Fry till crisp & remove.

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  1. in my house this is our favorite snack.

  2. so perfectly made banana chips :) my fav too !! thanks for dropping by my space :) happy to follow you !!

  3. Banana chips look so crispy & perfect!
    New GFC follower...
    Amy-Food Corner

  4. lovely and really good dear
    Shobas Delight



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