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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How to clean Vazhaipoo / How to clean Banana Flower / Plantain Flower / Banana Blossom

images of How to clean Vazhaipoo / Banana Flower / Plantain Flower / Banana Blossom
Banana Flower
a) Grease your hand with some oil before you start to clean the banana flower to avoid staining your fingers and sticking to your hand.
b) Choose a fresh banana flower.
c) Remove the red petal and discard under the petal you will find row of flowers save them.Repeat this process till the flower becomes small.
d) Now take each flower from the bunch,remove the white cover and the stamen from the flower we will not be using this in our cooking ( see picture).
e) Put it in a bowl of water or buttermilk to prevent from changing colour.
f) Chop the flowers finely and cook.Cook the flowers while they are fresh.

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d) Oats Vazhai Poo Usili

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  1. You know what, yesterday I tried this way of cleaning the banana flower and then I put it in the feeder for hummingbirds and guess what they ate eat in few seconds.


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