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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Apple Kheer Recipe / Apple Payasam / Easy Kheer Recipe

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Apple Kheer

Ripe red apple - 1 medium size

( peel the skin remove seeds and chop into fine pieces)

Whole milk - 3 cups

Palm sugar - 6 tsp

( Use white sugar,jaggery or brown sugar as per your taste)

Cardamom powder - 1/8 tsp

Saffron - a few strings

Chopped pistachio and almonds - each 15 finely chopped

Ghee - 1 tsp


Add ghee in a pan and sauté the apple pieces till slightly cooked.

Add the sugar and mix till well combined , switch off the stove and let it cool.

Pour milk in a sauce pan bring it to a boil and then reduce flame and cook till they are slightly reduced.

Add the chopped nuts , cardamom powder and saffron strings give a boil and switch off the stove.

Allow the milk to cool completely. Add the cooked apples into the cooled milk mixture and mix.

Keep it in the fridge and serve cold garnish with some nuts on top.


a) Instead of chopping apples you can grate them.

b) Do not add hot apples to milk they may curdle.Always make sure apples and milk are at room temperature.

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