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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chilli Paneer Dry Recipe / Chilli Paneer Recipe - Indo-Chinese Food

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Chilli Paneer
Ingredients for the batter & frying
Paneer Cubes- 2 cups
Corn flour-1 tbsp
All purpose flour / Maida -1tbsp
Salt & pepper to taste
Soy sauce-1tsp
Finely chopped ginger & garlic-1tsp
Water- required amount
Oil-to deep fry paneer
Other ingredients
Cubed onion-1/2 cup
Cubed Capsicum - 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Red chilly paste -1tsp (Heaped)
Tomato ketcup/ Tomato sauce-3tbsp (Heaped)
Soy Sauce -1tbsp
Vinegar-1 tsp
Chopped ginger & garlic -1tbsp
Spring onion for garnish
Take a wide bowl add all the ingredients mentioned for batter except the paneer.
Pour water little by little & make semi thick batter. Now add the paneer cubes & gently mix to make sure all the cubes are well coated.
Heat oil in a pan ,drop each cube into the hot oil.In medium high flame deep fry till its golden brown on all sides & crisp.Keep it aside.
Heat a pan pour 2tsp of oil saute the onion,capsicum,chopped ginger & garlic in medium high flame.
Saute for couple of minutes then add the ketchup,chilly paste,vinegar & seasoning.
Now add the fried paneer toss them well till everything paneer cube is coated well with the sauce.
Switch off the stove garnish with spring onion.
Best served with Vegetable Egg Fried Rice.
Note :
a) If you want a crunchy paneer cube then add it to the sauce just before serving.
b) Chopped green chillies can be added for extra flavour.
c) All the sauces mentioned are added according to our family taste,add less or more to your taste.
d) Coloured capsicum can be added to make your dish more colourful.
e) If you want a saucy version then dilute 1tsp of corn flour in water & add it to the dish.

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