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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Falooda Recipe / Falooda Ice Cream Recipe / Royal Falooda Recipe

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Vanilla ice cream -2 scoops
Chopped almonds or any nuts of your choice-1 tsp
Milk-3/4 cup
(Mix 1 tsp of sugar to the milk)
Roohafza / Rose syrup-1tbsp
Cooked Falooda Sev or Vermicelli-2tsp
Tukmaria seeds / Sabza or Chia Seeds-1tsp
(soak it in water for 2 minutes or till it becomes big)
Instant Jelly-2tbsp
(Use any flavour you like)
Chopped canned or fresh fruits of your choice-2tbsp
Cherry for decoration
Take a tall transparent glass pour the rose syrup at the bottom then put vermicelli & tukmaria seeds.
Next layer with fruits & jelly then pour milk on top.
Add the ice cream & nuts.Decorate with cherry & some chopped nuts.
Serve it immediately with a straw & a spoon.

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  1. used to love this as a kid. can't even remember the last time i tasted them :)

  2. Congrats on your 300th post. Nice falooda. Keep going.

  3. Congrats on your 300th post,u rock.

    Falooda i drink only in hyderabad,i love it

  4. congrats on ur 300th Post dear !!Keep rocking .

  5. Congrats on ur 300th post!! Really a milestone!

  6. Congrats on ur 300th post..once i tasted Falooda from NJ,and it tasted horrible,it was no where close to the one v get in Kerala,really miss it,urs looks delish,enjoy...

  7. Congrts on the milestone...nice way to celebrate with Falooda looks yum..

  8. Congrats on ur 300 th post dear. that's a great number . Nice way to celebrate it with falooda...Btw, where u got that sabza seeds?

  9. Congrats on u'r 300th post..Falooda looks yummy!!Made me nosalgic

  10. Wow.. 300th post..! This is really an achievement dear! You can send this to my FIL-Milk event as it contains milk as one main ingredient!

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