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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mango Sago Pudding / Mango Sago Recipe / Mango Sago Dessert

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Mango Sago Pudding
Ready made mango pulp -2 cups
Evaporated milk-2 cup
Sago/sabudana (large variety) -1 cup
Soak sago in water for 30 minutes.Cook the sago in water till its transparent,turn the heat off.
Strain the water out using a strainer,rinse the sago in cold water to remove starch.
Mix evaporated milk & mango pulp,add the cooked sago & mix everything well till well combined.Keep it in refrigerator.
Just before serving garnish with chopped mango & serve.
a) Fresh mango puree can also be used.
b) You can use whole milk instead of evaporated milk.
c) Chopped mango is optional.
d) Cardamom powder can be added for extra flavour.
e) Do not over cook the sago otherwise they will dissolve in water.
f) Mango pulp was sweet so i did not use sugar,if needed add according to your taste.

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