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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boondi Ladoo Recipe / Boondhi Ladoo Recipe -How to make Boondhi Ladoo.

Step by step method /picture to make Boondhi Ladoo
photo of Boondhi Ladoo/ Boondi Ladoo Recipe
Boondi Ladoo
Besan / Kadalai Maavu / Bengal Gram Flour-1 cup
Sugar -1 &1/4 cup
Water -3/4 cup
Cashew nut- 2tsp
Cardamom powder-1/2tsp
Ghee-1/2 tbsp
Oil to fry
Edible camphor/Pachai kalpuram- a pinch (optional)
Yellow & green food color -a pinch (optional )

images for Boondhi Ladoo Recipe / Boondi Ladoo Recipe -How to make Boondhi Ladoo.
Boondi Ladoo
Add water & make a smooth semi thick batter with besan.
Heat oil in a kadai,pour a ladle of mixture in the sieve which has round holes/boondhi ladle.
Rub it or tap it so that small balls of boondhi falls into the hot oil.
Fry them in medium high flame till its 3/4th done.Remove and keep it aside(do not fry the boondhi's too crisp).Repeat till you finish the batter.
Boil water & sugar till it reaches to a one string consistency.
Switch off the flame,add the cardamom powder &edible camphor.
Fry nuts & raisins in ghee,add it to the sugar syrup.
Now add all the fried boondhis to the warm sugar syrup & mix it well.
Close and keep it for 10 minutes (mix it in between).
Make ladoos while still warm.
Boondhi ladoo are ready to eat!!!.
a) If your mixture becomes hard,keep in stove for 2 minutes it will loosen up.Then make balls immediately.
b) If the mixture is loose do not worry heat it up for 2 minutes in high flame till the extra water evaporates,then cool & make ladoos.
c) If adding colours  then take out 2 ladles of the batter in two separate bowls.Mix the food colours to each bowl, mix it well & make boondhis. or just use one colour.
d) Do not fry the bhoodi's till crisp,remove when 3/4th done.

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  1. Perfect and colorful laddu.. looks yummy :)
    Happy Diwali :)
    Indian Cuisine

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