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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coca Cola & Marshmallow Cupcake

Today Sailajakitchen is turning ONE.I am very happy to celebrate it with a very different cupcake.Thanks to each & every one for making it a great success.The credit goes to all who encouraged me.
Part one ingredients:
Coca cola or other cola drink-1 cup
Butter-1/2 cup
Oil-1/2 cup
Cocoa powder-1/4 cup
(I used 1/2 cup because my kids love chocolate taste)
Large marshmallows-22
(I used 44 small ones multi coloured)
Part two ingredients:
Maida-2 cups
sugar-2 cups
Baking soda-1tsp
Vanilla essence-1tsp
Buttermilk-1 cup
Pre. heat the oven to 325 deg.Grease the muffin tray.In a sauce pan mix part one ingredients except marshmallows.Bring it to a boil,remove from heat & add the marshmallows.Cover it & leave it to melt completely.Stir well.In a bowl mix part two ingredients together.Mix it well.Add the cooled part one ingredients & mix the batter well.Pour a ladle of the batter into the greased muffin tins & bake it for 10 minutes or till done.Cool completely & serve your soft cupcakes.I loved it with vanilla ice cream. with a slight change..............


  1. Congrats sailaja!!! Its great way to celebrate your first year blog anniversary with different and wonderful cute muffins. Please send me the treat by ups overnight....

  2. Congraaaaats dear...Cupcake looks yummy and delicious...

  3. Congrats. Cupcakes are lovely. Best wishes.

  4. Congrats Sailaja for ur first blog anniversary, wishing u more and many beautiful things in this blogworld..This cupcake sounds very interesting and yummy...unusual combination for me..

  5. Congratulations! Wish you many more such wonderful occasions!

  6. Congrats Sailija....cupcake looks yummy..keep rocking!!

  7. Congrats on your blog anniversary. Keep rocking with many more fusion recipes

  8. Congrats on turning one. Nearly 600 posts in one year is a great achievement. It is certainly a winning year for you then. You deserve that tiara and those delectable cupcakes that you made.I won't ask you for a share, i promise!

  9. Congrats buddy.. you have rocked so much in a year.. Loads of innovative recipes with creative presentation. Just amazing.. hats off to you :)

  10. congrats and keep rocking and the cup cakes look cute and yum.

  11. Congrats akka, may u achieve many more is my prayer.cup cake looks pretty and delicious!

  12. Happy blog anniversary,wishing you many happy blogging years ahaed.Keep posting, keep smiling and above all be happy.

  13. congrats for ur 1st anniversary Sailaja....keep rocking

  14. Congratss!! cup cake luks delicious..and also interesting is coca cola

  15. Congrats dear..keep rocking..yummy cake

  16. congrats on the first blog anniversary.Interesting cup cakes made with coca cola.

  17. sounds great and different,,looks delicious dessert


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