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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Javarisi Vadam / Sago Vadaam / Javvarisi Vathal Recipe

images of Javarisi Vadam / Sago Vadaam / Javvarisi Vadam Recipe
Javarisi Vadam
Sago/Sabudhana/Javvarisi - 1 cup
(I used the milk white big variety sabudhana)
Water-4 cups
Salt - around 3/4 tsp
(check the taste if needed add more)
Green chillies-4 big long variety
Jeera/cumin seeds-1/2 tbsp
Lemon -1/2
Pour water just above sago & leave it covered overnight.
Next day grind salt,green chillies & hing to a smooth paste,keep it aside.
Boil 4 cups of water,add the soaked sago into the boiling water.
In medium low flame cook till the sago is transparent & semi thick like soup,switch off the flame.
Now add the ground paste,jeera & squeeze out 1/2 of a big lemon,stir it well.Let it cool a bit,check salt if needed add more.
Spread a thick plastic sheet in the sun.
Take a spoon of the sago mixture spread it slightly.The thickness should not be too thin.
Let it dry in sun the whole day,flip it over to the other side & dry the next day.
The 3rd day place it on a tray or plate & dry it completely.Store it in container.
Deep fry these vadams in hot oil & enjoy!!!!

Some add butter milk to the mixture to get a nice water colour.
Add chillies according to the taste of your family.
If you want colourful vadam,add food colour to the cooked mixture.

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  1. My motherinlaw makes this every summer and she is already making preparations to this now.

  2. Looks so crispy.. perfect clicks :)

  3. My all time favourite!! Lovely pics :)



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