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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mutton Cabbage Gravy Recipe / Cabbage Kari Kuzhambu / Mutton & Cabbage Gravy

Mutton Cabbage Gravy Recipe / Cabbage Kari Kozhambu / Mutton & Cabbage Gravy
Mutton Cabbage Gravy
Ingredients for marination
Salt to taste
Red chilly powder-1tsp
Coriander powder-1tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Garam masala-1/4tsp
Ginger & garlic paste-1tsp
(Marinate the mutton with above ingredients for 30 minutes)
Ingredients ground to a smooth paste
Fennel seeds-1tsp
Bay leaf-1
Cinnamon-a small piece
Oil-1 tbsp
Other ingredients
Chopped cabbage-2 cups
Chopped onion-1/4
Chopped tomato-1 small
Slit green chillies-3
Curry leaves-little
Heat oil in a pressure cooker & temper it.
Fry the onion ,tomato ,curry leaves & chillies till light brown.
Add the marinated mutton & saute for 5 minutes.
Pour the ground paste & fry till oil separates from the masala.
Pour required amount of water & pressure cook till mutton is well cooked.
Cool & open the lid,now add the cabbage & cook it in open pan till the vegetable is soft.
Garnish it with curry leaves & serve hot with plain rice or roti.

Instead of cabbage you can add bottle gourd,ridge gourd or drumstick.

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  1. mouthwatering mutton curry ..adding cabbage is new to me..will surely try..thanks for leaving a comment in my blog..happy to follow you...

  2. lovely, tasty mutton curry and the addition of cabbage sounds interesting. Happy to follow you. Do visit my space if you find time.

  3. Tempting and mouthwatering mutton gravy ...yummy dear :)

  4. It looks great and sounds healthy too!

  5. Mutton Cabbage looks great awesome recipe ~


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