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Monday, August 11, 2014

Chocolate Mysore Pak / Soft Chocolate Mysore Pak Recipe / Cocoa Mysore Pak

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Chocolate Mysore Pak
Besan/ Kadalai Mavu-1 cup
Sugar-2 cups
Ghee-2 cups
Oil-3/4 cup
Water-3/4 to 1 cup
Cocoa powder-1tbsp
Chopped nuts -2tsp (optional)
(I used almonds & pistachio)
Grease a tray with little ghee & sprinkle chopped nuts evenly.
Heat one cup of ghee in a non stick pan,add the besan & fry it till raw smell disappears & changes its colour to light brown( make sure you don't burn).
Switch off the stove,add the cocoa powder mix & keep it aside.
In another pan add sugar & water give a boil till sugar has completely dissolved,switch off the gas.
Pour the sugar mixture into the fried besan cocoa mixture.Stir it well & now switch on the stove.
In medium flame keep stirring,at one stage you will feel that the mixture is getting thicker.
Now reduce the flame & pour the remaining ghee & oil in intervals & keep stirring.
The last stage is the mixture will start leaving the sides of the pan & the bubbles would have completely stopped (you will see very tiny pores in the mixture).
Put a small amount on the greased plate & see it forms to a small ball then that's the time to pour it on the tray.
Immediately pour it on a greased tray,while still warm cut into desired shapes.
a)Try to use a non stick pan because its less mess & easy to know the stage for removing the mixture.
b)This is a sweet which really requires patience & more focus.Otherwise your sweet will form into rocks or crumble down in a minute if you miss the stage.
c)This also requires some practice,so new comers please try with small quantity.

Check out for step by step method for making Ghee Mysore Pak HERE.

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