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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Eve Feast

We had a lovely & memorable New Year Eve.All the husbands cooked & we ladies had a Day Out!!!!!!! They cooked a variety of dishes & the greatest gift was they even Baby Sitted our Kids.Hats off to our hubbys.....................
You all must be thinking what they prepared ?Here comes the menu....
1.Plain Rice
4.Fish kuzhanbu
5.Fish fry
6.Shrimp fry
7.Tandoori chicken
8.Mutton chukka
9.Mango sambar
10.Egg curry
11.Chicken Biriyani
12.Ice cream & Chocolate cake
(store bought)
They even served it to us with great LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great Thanks to one & all.Eagerly waiting for another occasion like this.


  1. Kudos to the understanding of all of your husbands. Hope you had a memorable, great new year.

  2. wow, that looks like lot of fun!!

    Wishing a very happy New Year to you and your family :)

  3. Well celebrated new year eve.... I feel 'J'... as this time, I could not do anything because of my health issues.... Anyways .... U enjoyed every moment..that is all that matters at the end of the day....

    Have a gr8 year ahead..

  4. WOw that really a great news, seems u guys had a fantastic feast...So nice of all those kind hearted husbands..really very wonderful..Happy NEw year wishes!

  5. Wow,Really great.Hope u enjoyed nicely.

  6. wow! thats great Hats off ! Hey Happy new year to u and ur family!

  7. Happy nwe Year Sailaja..
    so happy to know you had a good time...wonderful jolly snaps.. :)

  8. You are lucky ladies to be treated and pampered so well.I am sure you deserve it.Happy new year.

  9. Very well planned and organized party. Nice photos. Superb menu and the ladies day out too:)
    Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year Sailaja.

  10. Wow thats really great news.. Hope you enjoyed...
    Great menu...

  11. Wow nice celebration...hope to had great time. nice photos.

  12. So sweet of them,everyone long for such a day!

  13. Oh, thats indeed a lovely get together...seems like lot of fun. Kudos to your better half:)

  14. oh wow thats great get together and wonderful dishes too dear. Kudos to your betterhalf. Really they did wonderful start to this new year.

  15. wow..thats a lovely spread....would like to add this to my new year feast event...i need ur permission....please do check my blog for details

  16. wow its a great looking platter......and an awesome menu.3 cheers to such nice gentlemen


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