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Monday, January 25, 2010

Trifle Pudding

Recently I made this Pudding for a party.I usually make this from the scratch,but this time I really didn't measure anything as no time.Bought all the ingredients from store (I mean ready made) & just arranged it in a tray.It was a big hit!!!!!!!!!!!Ingredients
Sponge cake
Cool whip or whipped cream
Vanilla pudding or custard
Fresh mixed fruits or tinned cocktail fruit mix
(I used tinned fruits)
Cherries & tinned mandarin oranges for decoration
Take a rectangle or square glass tray.Place the cake at the bottom(1st layer)& sprinkle some sugar syrup or the liquid from the tinned fruit mix to wet the cake.Pour the pudding/custard over it covering the whole cake(2nd layer).Put the fruits on the pudding(3rd layer).Finish it off with the whipping cream(4th layer) & decorate it.Keep it in fridge & serve it cold.


  1. This is awesome and I too do kind of trifle pudding, Will do and post it some time. That is bit different. This one noted down thanks dear..

  2. Looks yummy , love this instant recipe !!!

  3. lovely and yum trifle pudding with a nice decoration.

  4. Ahh Delicious Entry,I am already having an hankering for this pudding..

  5. This seems to be quick and a unique try.

  6. Yummy pudding, no doubts.... those oranges used for decor reminds me of those lovely, them tempting lemon drops that we all loved a skids....
    Nimbu Mitai.... ;-p


  7. Easy and yummy pudding.Looks tempting!!

  8. Absolutely mouth watering.. wish I could have a serving now.. I am craving for it :)

  9. Easy and yummy pudding, looks delicious.


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