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Friday, October 9, 2009


Thanks Vineelasiva for passing on this Award to me.Taking this as a Diwali gift from you.Here is the meme part:
1.Where is your cell phone :On top of the kitchen counter
2.Your hair : Black
3.Your Mother : Baghyalakshmi
4.Your father :Damodaran .
5Your favorite food : Mutton Biriyani
6.Your dream last night : None
7.Your favorite drink :Lassi/Buttermilk.
8Your dream/goal :Not to loose interest in cooking.
9.What room are you in :Bed room
10.Your hobby :Cooking & watching movies
11.Your fear : Water
12.Where were you want to be in 6 years : Present place
13.Where were you last night : Home
14.Something you aren't : Moody
15.Muffins :Oats muffins
16.Wish list item : None
17.Where did you grow up : Chennai
18.Last thing you did : Cooking
19.What are you wearing : Pant & Kurthi
20.Your Tv : Switched off
21.Your Pets : Gold fish & 5 Guppies
22.Your friends : A lot.....
23.Your life : Good
24.Your mood : Happy
25.Missing someone : None
26.Vehicle :Cars ( Honda & Toyota )
27.Something you're not wearing :Shorts
28.Your favorite store : WalMart...
29.Your favorite color : Yellow
30.When was the last time you laughed : 1 hrs back when my friend came for lunch.
31.Last time you cried : Don't remember
32.Your best friend : My daughter.
33.One place that i go over and over : Grocery store
34.One person who emails me regularly :My blogger friend
35.Favorite place to eat : Home
I would like to pass this award to all my blogger friends who has not yet received this Award.



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