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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Ingredients for the rolls
Rice paper
Vegetables cut into thin strips
Bean sprouts
Tofu slices
Cooked bean threads(vermicelli)
Sweet basil leaves Method
Dip both sides of the rice paper in water for 30 seconds, or until it is soft and pliable. Remove from the water and place on a plate.Take the fillings one by one & place it at the end of the circle.Now slowly roll it up tightly as we do for spring rolls.Serve this rolls with Thai peanut sauce & sweet vinegar dipping.I like to serve it cold.............

Note:Try to keep very little stuffing,otherwise they may come out.Once made try to serve it immediately.


  1. i 'll try and let you know how its come out.
    looks to be good.

  2. Looks so good Sailaja, great way to introduce veggies.

  3. wow..always wanted to make this..your have come out just too perfect

  4. Hi Sailaja, new to your page but I must say that you have a great collection of recipes. healthy and nutricious. would explore it more with time.
    the rolls look so transparent and cooling...very comforting for summer.

  5. Innovative.Looks delicious & colourful.

  6. Looks delicious.I saw this on food network.Now only i am preparing this.

  7. With few prawns, i'll have them anytime...just love it...

  8. WOW! Super! I happened to see this in a cookbook, but I never caught hold of them. But, I badly wanted to try them, and I was looking for the recipe quite sometime. Yours looks very inviting and am gonna try this soon. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe!

  9. These look yummy and delicious.Nice presentatio Veggies selection looks so colourful.

  10. I was also going to post this last week, but could not take any photos.

  11. Vietnamese summer rolls is my number one choice to serve my friends at home. very easy and enjoy without any hassel for preparation!!!


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