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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vegetarian Rice Recipes / Indian Variety Rice Recipes / Lunch Box Rice Recipes / Indian Rice Recipes

images for Peanut Rice Recipe / Kadalai Sadam Recipe / Verkadalai Sadham - Easy Lunch Box Recipes
Peanut Rice
image of Curd Rice Recipe / Thayir Sadam Recipe/ Bagala Bath Recipe /South Indian Curd Rice Recipe ,Perugu Annam Recipe ,Daddojanam Recipe
Curd Rice

Kasa Kasa Sadham Recipe /Khus Khus Rice /Poppy Seeds Rice
Poppy Seed Rice

Coconut Rice recipe,Thengai Sadam recipe,South Indian Coconut Rice Recipe / Thengai Sadam Recipe / Kobbari Annam Recipe
Coconut Rice
Lemon Rice Recipe /South Indian Lemon Rice Recipe- A Quick Lunch Box Recipe
Lemon Rice
images for Pulikaichal Recipe / Pulikachal / Puliyogare Recipe / Puliyodharai Recipe - A Spicy Tamarind Sauce To Make Tamarind Rice)
Dill Saffron Rice
Herb Pulao
Cilantro Lime Rice / Coriander Lime Rice / Lime Cilantro Rice Recipe / Chipotle's Rice Recipe /Garlic Cilantro Lime Rice Recipe
Cilantro Lime Rice
photo of Jeera Rice (A simple Jeera Rice)
Jeera Rice
image of Simple Peas & Tofu Pulao
Peas Tofu Pulao
photo of Easy Yellow Rice /Turmeric Rice
Yellow Rice
Channa Pulao
Cranberry Puliyohara
Brinjal Rice
Dosakaya Pulao
Grapefruit Rice
Tomatillo Puliyohara
Coriander Leaf Pulao
Vegetable Pulao
Green Apple Puliyohara


  1. nice collection dear..Would definitely love to try some of these...

  2. Wow !!! so many recipes ..Love rice anytime


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