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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kondai Kadalai Vada / Black Channa Vada / Black Chickpea Vada Recipe

Kondai Kadalai Vada recipe / Black Channa Vada recipe / Black Chickpea Vada Recipe
Kondai Kadalai Vada
Kondai Kadalai/ Black Channa-1 & 1/2 cups
(soaked over night in water,next day drain out the water completely before grinding)
Yellow moongh dal-2tbsp
(Soaked for 1 hour,drain water before adding to the batter)
Chopped onion-1tbsp
Green chillies-4 to 5
Chopped curry leaves-few
Fennel seeds-1/2tsp
Salt to taste
Ginger a very small piece
Oil-to deep fry
Drain out the water from the soaked black channa.
In a blender add the channa,fennel seeds,green chillies,ginger & hing.
Grind to a very coarse paste,do not add water just sprinkle if needed.
Remove them in a bowl add the chopped onion,curry leaves,yellow moongh dal & salt.Mix well till everything is combined.
Heat oil in a pan,divide the batter into small balls.Flatten these balls to medium thickness like we do for regular masala vada.
Deep fry these vadas in medium hot oil till crisp & golden brown on all sides.
Remove them on a kitchen paper for excess oil to get absorbed.Serve them hot.
a) Do not add any water to the batter,the batter should look like a semi coarse batter.If your batter goes a bit watery add a teaspoon of rice flour to thicken the batter.
b) You can replace green chillies with red chillies.
c) For extra flavour you can add cinnamon stick,garlic,mint leaves.
d) Chopped cabbage can also be added to make it more healthier while giving the kids.

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