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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malai Kofta Recipe / Shahi Malai Kofta Recipe - Restaurant Style

Shahi Malai Kofta recipe / Malai Kofta Recipe - Restaurant Style
Malai Kofta
Ingredients for kofta
Boiled & mashed potato-2
Grated unsweetened khoya-1/4 cup
Raisins-1 & 1/2 tsp
Chopped almonds/cashew nuts-1tbsp
Chopped green chillies-1
Chopped coriander leaves-1tsp
Roasted & powdered jeera/cumin-1/4tsp
Garam masala-1/4tsp
Corn flour-2 tsp
Salt to taste
(Mix all above ingredients together.Make small balls & deep fry till golden brown on all sides or fry it in paniyaram pan with very little oil.Today my koftas are fried in paniyaram pan)
Ingredients soaked in warm water for 30 minutes
Cashew nuts-2tsp
Char magaz(optional)-2tsp
(mixed melon seeds)
Poppy seeds/Khus Khus-1tsp
Other ingredients
White onion-1
(chop & boil it with little water in microwave for 3 minutes or in open pan)
Ginger & Garlic paste-1/2tsp
Salt to taste
Grated khoya-1tbsp
Warm milk-2 cup
Cream -1tbsp
Bay leaf-2
Slit green chillies-3
Crushed kastoori methi-2tsp
In a blender or mixi add the soaked ingredients,boiled onion,cardamom,ginger & garlic paste & grind to a smooth paste.
Heat oil & butter in a pan temper with above ingredients.
Add the ground paste & fry it in medium flame till raw smell disappears & oil separates the pan.
Now reduce the flame,add the milk,garam masala,salt,a pinch of sugar & required amount of water.
Boil the gravy till its semi thick.
Switch off the stove add the koftas & cream,gently mix & garnish it with grated khoya.
Best served with naan/roti or jeera rice.

Note :
a) Add the fried koftas just before serving,otherwise they may break.
b) This is a rich gravy so please don't compromise on the nuts or cream,you will loose the richness of the gravy.

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  1. Very creamy and tasty kofta ...yummy :)

  2. such a lovely koftas .. they just look so creamy and wonderful :)



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