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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kadai Tofu

Firm tofu cubed-1 cup
Capsicum diced-1 cup
Onion diced-1 cup
Tomato diced-1cup
(i have used fire roasted tomatoes)
Oil-4 tsp
salt to taste
Chille powder-1tsp
Corriander powder-2tsp
Jeera powder-1/2tsp
Kastoori Methi-3tsp
Jeera -1tsp(to temper)
Garam masala(optional)-1/2tsp
Heat oil saute tofu and keep it aside.Add jeera & temper it,all the vegetables and saute it nicely.Add the dry masalas,& cook till raw smell goes.Finish it with Kastoori methi.This is a dry dish.Serve it with rotis & parathas.

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