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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oats Burfi

Hey Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! I have completed 100 posts in my Cookery site.To celebrate this I am making Oats Burfi today. Try it & enjoy !!

Quick oats (powder it in mixi))-2 cups
Milkmaid tin (14 oz)-1
Cardamom powder-1tsp
Sliced almonds-21tbsp
Chironji (saraparupu)-1tsp
Heat ghee in a non stick pan fry the oats till light brown & gives a good aroma.Pour the milkmaid ,cardamom powder & milk.Stir it in low heat till it leaves the sided of the pan.Add the nuts & pour it on a greased plate or aluminium foil.Cool & cut into desired shapes.
This dish has very mild sweet, if you want more sweet add extra 3tsps of sugar.This is a soft & a bit sticky burfi.

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  1. Reena : I tried it. I made a power of oats and tried. It is really yummy. Thank u for the recipe.


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