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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nendram Pazhlam Sandwich Cutlet

Ingredients for outer filling
Mashed potato-1 cup
Salt & Pepper to taste
(Mix all the ingredients well)
Ingredients for sandwich
Mint & Coriander leaves-a hand full each
Green chillies-1
Salt to taste
Lime juice-1/2tsp
(Grind all above ingredients to a thick paste.Do not add water).
Other ingredients
Nendram Pazhlam sliced-1
Oil-to shallow or deep fry
Maida -3tsp
(diluted in water for coating)
Vermicelli -required quantity for rolling it.

Take a slice of pazhlam apply little mint chutney on it close it with another slice.Prepare all the slices the same way.Take each sandwich cover it fully with the mashed potato mixture.Dip it in maida mixture & roll it well with vermicelli(see the picture).Keep it for 10 minutes in fridge(if you have time).Shallow or deep fry these cutlets in medium flame till its brown on all sides.Serve it with any dip.

You can think it will take long time to make this but No....if all the ingredients are ready, in 10 minutes your cutlets are ready.It was sweet & tangy.


  1. I liked your blog very much.I appreciate for your lovely blog with wonderful presentation.Sandwich cutlet looks yummy and delicious.I will definitely try your recipe.As I have become your follower so I will be visiting your blog.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  2. Wonderful recipe....just wondering what is Nendram Pazam?? can I replace it with bread??

  3. new recipe to me!! looks so yummy :)

  4. Intersting recipe..drooling over what happd ? in a row..

  5. This is totally new to me.. looks really fantastic.. thxs for sharing..

  6. I lov nenthra pazham,this is totally new to me with nethra pazham,looks yummy..

  7. Interesting and healthy,kids will love this :)

  8. hi Shailaja,
    Love the verstality of Nendra Pazham.. I jsut love it..
    You have got a good collection of recipes. AM following your blog.... Will keep coming..
    Do visit mine and let me know your views :)

  9. hi can u please say nentra palam is wat seen as banana plantain in farmers market...i do live in az.


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