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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apple Fries

Recently I had gone to Lego land.There I eat Granny Smith Apple Fries.These are apples cut into thin slices coated with cornstarch,deep fried & dusted with cinnamon sugar.They served it with whipping cream.So yummy!!!!!!!!!!! at last made it today.It was excellent......

I used Gala Apples-1
(Peel,remove the seeds & cut into thin slices)
Cinnamon powder-1/8tsp
Oil to deep fry

Slice apples(not very thin) dust it with cornstarch.Remove excess cornstarch.Heat oil in a pan deep fry them in batches till crisp on both sides.Drain excess oil.Mix sugar & cinnamon powder in a bowl.Sprinkle generously on both sides while hot.Serve it with fresh cream.Yummy fries are ready.


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