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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kushboo Idli Recipe -How to make Kushboo Idli

images of Kushboo Idli Recipe / Mallige Idli Recipe -How to make Kushboo Idli
Kushboo Idli

Idli rice-2 cups
Methi seeds-1/4tsp
Urad Dal- 1/2 cup
Sago/Sabudana-1/4 cup
( round big white variety not the nylon sago )
Salt to taste
Cooking soda-1/4tsp
( optional,i did not use.)
Wash and soak rice,methi & urad dal together & sago separately for 5 hrs.
Grind everything together with salt to a smooth semi thick batter.add water little by little while grinding the batter.
Leave the batter to ferment overnight at room temperature.
If you think your batter is not fermented then you can add cooking soda just before making idli otherwise avoid using.
Grease idli plates with oil add a ladle of batter.
Steam the idli for 7 to 8 minutes or till cooked.
Serve them hot with chutney,sambar or idli podi.
a) To get a fluffy idli then add cooking soda,i usually don't add.

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  1. Hi I too make khushboo idlis once in a while and it is our favourite.

  2. Have't tried kushboo idly & carrot chutney ...only ordinary idli i will do.......going to try it today ...thanx for sharing ...

  3. Hey this is cool stuff. But do you really need to add the Soda?

  4. to make kushboo idly instead of sabudana we can add castor seeds which is available in stores selling indian herbs. 4 or 5 seeds will do.

  5. I love to eat and blog on recipes. Infact I am a food blogger.
    I found this recipe very useful and definitely I will try this.
    Well written and thanks for this beautiful recipe..!

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